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Kevin and Kate
Good morning Matt, Jim & team,

I'm just touching base to thank you for your diligent service.

Overall, I have been pleased with the open and honest approach you have to the sales industry. There is a genuine feel that the JCM approach is modeled on an under promise and over deliver mentality, with a clear lack of "salesman-ness" in your interactions with customers.
It is this authenticity that sets you apart from the myriad of other dealers out there. 

Sincerely, thank-you from making the sale of our beloved little vessel so much easier. When we are next in the market, I know where my first stop will be.

Kindest Regards,

Kevin and Kate
Hi Matt,
JCM was highly recommended to us and now I know why... From the moment we walked into the yard and now 6 months later I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service in purchasing our boat and the outstanding after sales service you have provided.
Thanks Matt and team at JCM
Greg Mortlock
A sincere thanks to Matt and the team for the professional, friendly service in selling our boat. From the first phone call, to meeting the JCM team, to agreeing on a price through to registering the hull and trailer then selling the boat we were kept informed every step of the way. It could not have been easier for us.

Thanks again and regards,
Nikita and Greg
W. Davies
Good Morning Matt,

Thanks again to you and your team for your service and professionalism in helping me sell my boat.

T Corothers
Hi Matt 

Thanks for your help in selling the boat.

It was hassle free and you were right I should have done it sooner.

Hopefully when I get free of weekend sport I’ll be back to buy one.

Cheers mate
P Rissman
Cheers team,

Sincere thanks to you Matt, Eric and the team. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and this morning’s orientation with Eric was just simply brilliant.

Top service all round, hats off to you all.

Cheers and see you out on the bay!
R Ralph
Well what can I say, great service and the sale process, wow, stress free!
Thank you and I will be back there one day to purchase from you again Matt and the team.
A big Thank you.
Dennis D
To Matt and team thank you for making our purchase of our first boat so easy, Matt was very friendly and super helpful with his expertise and knowledge on all things boats. Buying from JCM gave us peace of mind knowing the purchase was given a thorough inspection by their service technician followed with a detailed handover.
Troy B
Hi Matthew and team,

Thank you for all your help with this sale. I was totally unsure as to how to proceed when I first walked in, but you made it all such an easy process. Every interaction was more than professional and in keeping with what I was expecting.

When I researched online where the best place was to try and sell the boat, JCM was always the top recommendation. So my dealings only reinforced that reputation.

As sad as it was to let her go, but it was time for someone else to use her.

Anyway, if I'm ever in the market to get a bigger boat, I'll be sure to give you guys a call.

Kind regards,

Chris and Michelle
Hi Matthew, Jim & the team,

We would like to extend our warmest thank you to all, the whole experience has been an absolute pleasure.

Everything you have done has been most appreciated from the purchase of the Cat to the sale of the Stejcraft, 10 out 10 for service and professionalism.

Thank you, Matt for arranging the repairs to our boat as well, you went above and beyond.

We wish you all the very best for 2023 ??.
Dave S
Hi Matt -

Dave here (bought a boat from you a few weeks ago) - sorry know it’s late but only got back now and opened the mail with a letter from you around boat tips. Can’t speak more highly of you and your colleagues at JCM.

In particular your technician who was very patient with me and very generous sharing his knowledge - just wanted to say thank you for the letter but more importantly the care and attention you put into the whole process has left me singing your praises!

Hope the new year is prosperous.
Garnett and Liz
Thanks again Matt for all your assistance and advice to get us to this point with our new Arvor.

Also thanks again to Anita for her role - you guys make a great team!

We snuck out this morning for a run over to Peel in the very light winds. The kids really enjoyed it and we all can’t wait to experience more trips. Tony of JCM fame helped us with mooring back at ECM and are now officially in the rack.

We are also very satisfied with our choice of boat - so far it is doing exactly what we dreamed it would. We are very conservative by nature and this felt like a big risk for us. However, we also saw it as a huge opportunity to do something as a family whilst we have them given our eldest 2 will be both out of school in 2-3 short years.

All our extended family think we’ve gone a little crazy buying a new model from Europe without test driving it - buying something “not made for Australian conditions”, with “not enough power”, with “not enough deadrise”, with “not enough fishing room” etc etc.

However, we trusted you and the process and are very glad we did.

Thanks again,
Lorraine and Rob
Hi Matt,

Just wanted to thank you and everyone at JCM for selling our boat.
Honestly you made this whole process so easy and got a fabulous result for us.
We won’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone we know and also those we don’t!!!
Thanks again
Lorraine and Rob.
I entrusted Matthew and the team @ JCM to sell my Whittley CR2380.

The professionalism afforded to me was without fault, and I was always kept up to date with what was happening with the sale.

The whole process was made smooth and easy, as JCM took care of everything to do with the sale.

Good old fashion customer service still exists, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew and the team @ JCM.

Steve B
Dear Matthew,

Your conduct was very professional and open. JCM will be forefront when we decide to get back into boating again.


James M
Thanks Matthew

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and your team and we are happy with the outcome.

I would have not hesitation in recommending John Crawford Marine to other prospective buyers and sellers.

All the best

Henk and Deb
Matt, Eric and team,

Thank you so much really appreciated the efforts you went to. And also thank you to your staff.

We are looking forward to start boating.

Cheers Henk and Deb
Murray and Raewyn
Dear Mathew,

Murray and I would like to express our thanks to you for your exemplary service and attention to detail throughout our Arvor 755 Weekender order and boat delivery.

We would have no hesitation recommending you and your company to our friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for your gifts too.

Best wishes,

Raewyn and Murray
Laurie R
Having sold numerous boats over the last 40 years I admit to being " broker hesitant" when I spoke to Matt about listing my 7.4m Moda plate boat.

However after getting a better understanding of the benefits of using JCM , I listed it and was very pleased with the immediate level of interest their advertising program achieved. A contract was secured within the week. Apart from the successful advertising program, the benefit of security of payment and transfer of title made me very comfortable with the JCM selling system.
Jim handled my sale and with his knowledge of boats and his habit of keeping me in the loop as things progressed, I was very happy with the whole process.

I haven't been asked by JCM to create this post but am offering my feedback to other boaties because in this day and age its nice to experience good service in an important transaction such as selling a boat.

Sheree C
Thank you heaps Matt and team, , thanks for making it all easy for me to change over and sell my boat. I will definitely come back to you guys when I buy my next boat in the near future, I'll be looking for a boat a bit bigger, with cabin, good for fishing, shallow draft, I'll keep my eyes out.

Kind regards
Sheree C
John and Jit
Hi Matt,

What I really want to say is THANK YOU from Jit and I. We reckon we've got a gem and are looking forward to catching lots of fish in the comfort and safety of our new Arvor 805.

Some interesting numbers:

Distance from GCCM Coomera to MBBC Scarborough: 60 Nm (111 km)
Weather: Glassy, 5Kn wind
Top Speed: 27.33Kn (50.6 Km/Hr) - (we didn't try to max out the speed and I think at 27.33Kn the rpm was around 5800)
Average Speed: 15.8Kn (29 Km/hr) - (we ran the engine at various rpm's, by design and due to speed limits and depth of water)
Duration: 4 hours
Fuel Used: 118.7L (34% of capacity)
Fuel Economy: 0.5079Nm/L (0.940 Km/L)

I'm really impressed with those numbers on an engine which isn't run in.

We appreciate the friendliness and quality of the service both of you have extended to us and look forward to keeping that relationship going.


Jit and John
S O'Kelly
Good morning Mathew,

Thank you to you and your team for all your efforts.

We found John Crawford Marine to be professional, cooperative, understanding, patient, flexible and a pleasure to work with for the sale of our boat and would have no hesitation recommending JCM for any boating requirements.

Kind Regards

S O’Kelly
L Mulroy
Thank you, Matthew - John Crawford Marine.

I have owned a few boats over many years, the last two I have sold through Matthew at John Crawford Marine. They have put more money back in my pocket than I expected.

They did it quickly and professionally they achieved this by being honest and up front from the start.

I live in the real world and from my experience so does Matthew. I cannot recommend Matthew from John Crawford more highly.

L. Mulroy 30/06/2021
"Just a quick note to express my appreciation of the personable and professional approach I experienced from all of you during the sales process of my boat.

Matthew - I experienced exemplary service and professionalism from you. As a leader it is so important to role model these qualities and I'm sure much of the positive JCM culture I experienced is due to you.

Robert - You made the sales experienced soooo easy for me. From our first telephone conversation to signing the sales paperwork. you were nothing short of brilliant!

Rebecca - Never forget you are the Managing Director of first impressions for JCM, and you are very good at it. Every time I telephoned JCM you made me feel welcome before I said a word! More importantly, it made me want to deal with JCM.

My sincere thanks to all of you for making selling my boat enjoyable.
There is little doubt I will buy another boat in the future. But if I do, I won't need to look any further than JCM."
James G
Hi Matthew, Robert and Rebecca

Just a quick note to express my appreciation of the personable and professional approach I experienced from all of you during the sales process of my boat.

Matthew - I experienced exemplary service and professionalism from you. As a leader it is so important to role model these qualities and I'm sure much of the positive JCM culture I experienced is due to you.

Robert - You made the sales experienced soooo easy for me. From our first telephone conversation to signing the sales paperwork. you were nothing short of brilliant!

Rebecca - Never forget you are the Managing Director of first impressions for JCM, and you are very good at it. Every time I telephoned JCM you made me feel welcome before I said a word! More importantly, it made me want to deal with JCM.

My sincere thanks to all of you for making selling my boat (almost) enjoyable. I say almost because even though we didn't use it as much as we could due to our grown up kids having other interests, I still miss the Rae Line :-(

There is little doubt I will buy another boat in future. When I do, I do not need to look further than JCM.

Have a great day.............
Lee Wagner
I recently purchased a boat from JCM and it was a very easy and welcoming experience. Eric from the workshop took me out for a drive upon delivery of the boat and went through all the features and also launch and recovery procedure until I was comfortable with it.

A couple of trips later I unfortunately hit a submerged object of some sort under the surface in the Brisbane River. It damaged the leg, the transducer and a small section of the fiberglass on the hull. Because of the impact I wanted to have the leg checked out. I contacted JCM for advice, and after they ensured we were all ok, they immediately offered support and asked if I could bring the boat back in for them to take a look at for me to ensure its safe. Whilst it was back in their care, they repaired the fiberglass, had the leg welded for me and fixed the transducer. Eric took it for a run for me and put it through its paces prior to giving it back to ensure it was safe.

This level of support would be hard to find purchasing from a private seller, and maybe even other dealers. I couldn't recommend these guys enough. Thanks JCM.
Hi Matthew,

Just an update for you. Barrie has finally been out on the boat with our son Adam last weekend. It gave Barrie a reason to get out of bed early. What a wonderful, magical day. Being out on the boat has since given Barrie the impotence to get out and about.

Your genuine and sincere interest was enormously important to our family. Not sure how long Barrie's health will continue, but days out on the boat are pure magic.

Thank you
S Shearman
If you have a boat to sell come and see the team at John Crawford Marine. We wasted a lot of time and insults with other marine centres with poor offers on our Catcher 409, but dealing with Jim, Matthew and all the team was a delight (and a good giggle). Just wish we could have bought our new boat from them. Thanks Team :)
"Thanks (JCM) for a wonderful, seamless and painless experience in selling our boat!"
Ron Dempster
Matthew Hi!

What can I say but 'Thank you!' from the bottom of my heart for a really Happy and Satisfying morning out in the Bay.

Words cannot express the Joy of being back out on the water again in 'My Own Wee Boat' as you gathered eh? Ha! Well! Not 'WEE' by any means and definitely ticked all the boxes for me! Great Stuff Mate, if you will allow me to call you that?

Great Instruction Technique Matt! It really brought home to me and verified what everyone has been telling me, that Safety is of the utmost importance, especially in my present condition, which I hope will be rectified in the near future with a Back Operation.

Thank you for all your attentiveness in seeing that I was SAFE at all times and really appreciate that gesture, as I know you didn't have to do that.

The Photos are great and I appreciate the time and effort you put in to helping me drive a boat again, which in turn should make them realise that I am capable, (in a now very limited degree!) of being able to still handle a boat, as long as there is someone who is capable of looking after me, especially with the safety aspect and good advice that I obtained from you today! Thanks Matt, it means so much to me!

I have noted all of your advice and comments in regards to Logging in and on return, also the importance of having your whereabouts and trip planning for Family and authorities, which has always been the 'Norm' for me in the past, plus GPS Watch positioning and Radio Operation, I did not realise it had been so long since I had been boating seriously and brought it home to me with a bit of a Jolt, as you no doubt noticed?

All in all Matt, a Wonderful Lift to My 'Ailing Brain' and spirits, I can tell you thanks to you and know you got a lot out of the day too! I really didn't appreciate to 'what state' the mind and body get into in one's latter years! I do know now and through this morning's experience have now found out what my true capabilities are!

Once Mathew, again thanks for helping me out in the fitting of the additional accessories. Also, please thank Eric for all the hard work he has put in on the boat for me and I appreciate his efforts as a 'Master of his Trade!' You certainly have found a Goldmine of experience and knowledge there and know he loves his work even after all this time.

I will look forward to seeing you Guys next week again.

Thanks once more, for your independent and very honest and true appraisal of my efforts Mathew, it should hopefully, have a better understanding for my Family and peers - dont be scared to give it a go!


Ron Dempster
"Robert is AWESOME! He is a wonderful helpful salesman & not over the top. Eric is a fantastic mechanic & gave us lots of pointers on our new boat. THANK YOU"
Aaron Harch
"All I can say is, WOW. My first time selling a boat and Matt and the team at JCM really just made it such a smooth experience. The process was outlined exceptionally well and even coming up with a price was straightforward and fair. Would recommend using John Crawford Marine for a buying/selling experience that actually works and lets you talk to someone and see what you are getting. Will be returning again for my next purchase."
K. Blount
"Thanks again (JCM) for a wonderful experience selling my boat with you. It was so easy and such a pleasure to deal with your company.
I will certainly recommend you to my friends."
Clinton Hicks
"Thank you to Matt, Jim and the Team. Very helpful and super excited to get out and about in my new Boat. Would happily recommend #JCM to anyone looking to buy or sell their boat."
Greg Mitchell
"I often lament that in the faceless world in which we live today, the acceptable standard for the customer service experience has been reduced to an online checkout on some technology platform. Thank goodness for the dedication to personalised customer service excellence at JCM. Nothing is too much trouble for Matt and his team and their knowledge about all things boating is unmatched. There is no better place to buy or sell a boat."
John Rippon
"What a great experience selling my boat thanks to Matt and all the team; they made it so easy for me.The whole process went without a hitch, with minimal input from myself and I was completely satisfied. Well done JCM."
“From the second I picked up the phone and spoke with Matt and the team at JCM I knew that I was in great hands in selling our boat. He had a look at it on the internet while we discussed it over the phone and offered the first cash offer. It was only a matter of days and the boat had exchanged yards (I had a bad experience with another Brisbane yard) and the funds paid out in full in under a week. Had I called these guys first I wouldn’t of been in the mess I was in at that point in time but Matt assured everything will go well and his word came through 100%. If anybody is looking to sell their boat or even buy one please make the one and only call you will EVER need to make and that to Matt and his team at JCM."
Robert Hale
JCM, thank you on behalf of the Greenwich Flying Squadron (sailing club at Greenwich, Sydney).
The Club needed to replace its old launch which we had had for 25 years. We settled on an Arvor 20 as being suitable for our needs. We noted that JCM had a series 2 model that appeared to be in excellent condition. Because of Covid-19 we were unable to visit Brisbane and view the boat which represented a risk for us. JCM contacted the Arvor dealer to obtain the name of an independent Arvor diesel mechanic to review the boat for us. The mechanic recommended a sea trial which JCM facilitated. A few fairly minor issues were identified which JCM did hot hesitant to rectify at their cost. JCM also organised transport to Sydney for the boat to be included within the price.
Given our remote location we appreciated the effort that JCM went to to ensure the boat was well prepared and fully functional.
Thanks for the helpful and professional service.

Robert Hale
(GFS Clubhouse Manager)
Lizzie and Ben
Hi Matt and Rebecca,
Thank you all for such an enjoyable experience in buying our first boat.
Thanks Matt for organising the insurance. Rob for making the purchase an easy process. Rebecca for backup support.
My son Ben really appreciated the knowledge passed on from Eric.
Getting my licence on Wednesday and Towbar on Thursday.
Expensive exercise this boating. Hope we catch some fish and crabs.?
Thanks everyone
Liz and Ben
Thanks Matt. Excellent support and care of my considerations with sale of my boat. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and recommend others to check out JCM if looking to buy or sell a boat.
Hope mine goes to another family to enjoy getting on the water.
Nick N
"Great experience buying a boat with these guys. the boat, engine and trailer were checked in and out, clean and tidied up as required so you can get out on the water with confidence. Thanks to Jim and Eric for a great service."
Mark Fisher
"Well what can I say about Matt and his team, fan bloody-tastic, bought a boat through the JCM team and it was the easiest vessel I have ever bought! Everything went that smoothly it was like a dream day out in the bay. I was that impressed I returned and sold the boat on consignment a couple of years later when it was time to upgrade. Again it was smooth sailing, advertised Friday, under contract Monday. No fuss no, mucking around just honest reliable old fashioned service. If they have a boat Im looking for in the yard I would not hesitate engaging in business with JCM again. If your sitting on the fence about these guys and they have a boat you like, I would highly recommend getting in there and talking turkey as they will make your dreams a reality and its the easiest purchase ever. Thanks for everything Matt and Team hope to see you soon."
David B
Dear Matt

Once again thank you to yourself and your team for the fantastic service you have provided to us. Even after 18 months since our last visit you always greet us as regular customers and take the time to chat with us about our boat and answer any questions.
Special mention to Eric for his servicing our motor. We can always rely on his professionalism and honesty when we leave the job to him. We know he will not charge us for unnecessary items. He also attended to putting a new connector on the negative to the battery and the terminals were all cleaned and sprayed. Greatly appreciated.
Good Morning Matt

Just wanted to say thank you. I took the gamble to bring it down to you guys and you have more than delivered even with the lockdowns kicking off.

Extremely happy with the service provided by Jim (even though it was very short duration) and I will be letting others know if they are looking to sell their boats in the future.

You and your team have exceeded my expectations and thanks again

Stay Safe and wishing you and your team all the best for the future.

Greg Paxton
I've just recently upgraded my boat when a great opportunity came around but it left me with a problem of selling my current boat quickly due to storage restrictions at home. I'd purchased the boat originally through Matt and the team a few years ago and the dealings were very positive, transparent and honest which I appreciated. Based on those dealing I did not hesitate to engage JCM to sell my boat this time around. As expected, everything was outlined on the consignment process, communication for the short time the boat was "for sale" was excellent and the boat had a deposit taken the first weekend. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for either purchasing or selling your boat - outstanding service.
Gavin Vanaalderen
"Thanks so much for all your team's help. You guys have gone above and beyond with the phone calls, emails, reports and photos to make the purchase as easy as it can get!'
Greg Vogel
"Excellent customer service, friendly and helpful beyond what is expected. Would definitely recommend buying a boat from these guys."
Mark Fisher
"Well what can I say about Matt and his team, fan bloody tastic, bought a boat through the JCM team and it was the easiest vessel I have ever bought! Everything went that smoothly it was like a dream day out in the bay. I was that impressed I returned and sold the boat on consignment a couple of years later when it was time to upgrade. Again it was smooth sailing, advertised Friday, under contract Monday. No fuss no, mucking around just honest reliable old fashioned service. If they have a boat Im looking for in the yard I would not hesitate engaging in buisness with JCM again. If your sitting on the fence about these guys and they have a boat you like, I would highly recommend getting in there and talking turkey as they will make your dreams a reality and its the easiest purchase ever. Thanks for everything Matt and Team hope to see you soon."
Can’t thank Matt and the John Crawford Marine team enough for the fantastic work in selling my boat in the space of three works. Really appreciate your knowledge, honesty and great communication throughout the whole process. Will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking to buy or sell in the future. Best wishes for 2020, Dan
Andy & Judi
"Thanks for selling our boat, your communication was excellent.
Both Andy and I appreciate you taking such care in looking after our vessel while you found her a new home."
Kind Regards Andy and Judi
Hi Matthew, Jim

Thank you so much for answering all my questions and sorting out the repairs, the registration and insurance for my Little Barrier cat.

I really appreciate the demo on getting that mast up and down.

A special thank you to Jim for getting my boat safely towed to my home and for managing to squeeze it in reverse through the tight gates into my backyard.

Kind Regards,

Andre Reminski
I'd like to thank all the team at jcm for making my new purchase as is as it could be .
They are PROFESSIONAL HONEST and GREAT company to deal with even with my hi expections. They didn't dissappoint.

Many thanks
James Richards
"We purchased our Topender from JCM and it is the best boat we have ever owned, and the service we got from tmhem was amazing. Definitely recommend John Crawford Marine to friends if they are looking at buying a boat. Thanks again."
The Hutton Family
'We can’t recommend Matt, Robert and the team at JCM highly enough !!! An absolute pleasure to deal with ... nothing was too hard ... even delivering our boat to Bribie Island !! You guys should be proud of your level of customer service! Thank you again"
David & Mel
Hi Matthew, I just wanted to say what a pleasant surprise it was dealing with you guys. We were really happy with the whole process and are absolutely wrapped with the new Barcrusher. The on-water test and all Eric’s advice about boat maintenance etc. was really useful too. We took it out last weekend and the kids love it. And thanks for the quick responses to my follow-up questions, great after-sales service.
David, Mel and family
Paul Reynolds
I have just had the pleasure of working with Matthew, Robert and Rebecca at JCM to sell my beloved Ranger VX188 American bass boat. It was such a seamless, professional and friendly experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending John Crawford Marine to any buyer or seller, no matter what vessel they are looking for in the market.

Nothing was too much trouble for Matt and his hard-working team and my boat was kept in immaculate condition throughout the process. She was shifted around the yard like all of their fleet to attract the most attention from astute buyers. The boat was marketed on a range of cross-media platforms around the country and after much patience and commitment, their dedication and confidence was rewarded with a successful sale and one very happy client (and customer I imagine). It is a credit to Matt and team that they were able to successfully market such a niche boat in a family boating market.

I cannot recommend JCM highly enough if you are looking to sell or just putting your toes in the water for the first time. Life is often about picking winners and you are on a winner with Matt and his awesome team.

Congratulations and many thanks for all of your hard work.

Paul Reynolds
Former Ranger owner
Sunshine Coast
Grant Kemp
Hi Mathew,

Just to let you know I received the funds for the sale of the boat, I also got your message and would like to thank you for your great service in selling my boat, it was trouble free and a real pleasure dealing with you guys.

I will definitely recommend you guys and keep you in the forefront when purchasing my next boat

Grant Kemp
Neil Turbitt
JCM have been fantastic with our new purchase -Tournament 1750 Cubby cabin, We drove 1600km to pick up our boat when we arrive we were greeted with warm friendly smiles and nothing was to much,we instantly felt that we had made the right descision to travel interstae for our new boat and the photos of the boat online were exactly as shown,
Matthew, Rebecca and Eric made everything run smoothly from paperwork to showing us all the little inclusions on the boat and water testing, we had heard wonderful things about JCM and they lived up to that reputation above and beyond.
We will recommend JCM to all our family and friends as this boating business was honest, efficent and transparent and we wont but through anyone else 10/10
Eamonn Coughlan
I have bought and sold with this business. Matt the owner is a genuine nice guy. Eric in the workshop knows what he is doing. The sales staff and reception are polite and efficient.

I have and will continue to recommend them as their service is second to none. After sales service as good as pre-purchase. Good honest people. 10/10.
Andy woodforde
Can not recommend the team at JCM highly enough nothing was a problem to them and will definitely be recommending them to anybody looking to buy a boat and a special thanks to Eric for his expert knowledge
Graeme and Di
Absolute professionals is the only way we can describe the team at JCM

It took only 2 weeks for our boat to find a new home.

Thank you Matt, Geoff and Rebecca.
Greg Dunn
Thanks Matt.
The funds arrived into our account today as forecast by you & Rebecca.

It was certainly a painless process and was nice to sell the boat through JCM coming the full circle over 13+ years! I certainly had a ball in that boat & loved it to bits!

All the best and thank you again for great service.

G Dunn
Glenn West
"I recently bought a half cab Formosa SeaRod 5.2m boat from the team at JCM.

From the start, there was lots of honesty, direct speaking & transparency.

Like anything in life, some things can go wrong & my new near motor had a faulty fuel pump on her first day out.

Now this is where JCM excelled. They could of said, she’s now your problem, or bring her back to us at your expense of time & cost, but no, they got her fixed at the marina where she was by someone else, because that’s what good customer service is all about. Making things right in the event of something going wrong.

I’ll come back to JCM if I ever get rid of my boat, not likely lol, because I trust JCM with spending my money.

Shout out to both Robert & especially Eric for helping me with the purchase, you guys made all the difference."
Luke D
I have been meaning to write this testimonial for over a year!
Buying my first boat from Matt and the JCM Team was an absolute pleasure and gave me all the confidence I needed to take the plunge. From consulting on my needs v budget and then making the purchase through to the on water test with Eric in a pretty ordinary day from Manly giving me all the tips and advice you really want as first time owner was just what I needed. I loved my experience and helped me save money vs purchasing a new boat and I have no doubt saved me hours by purchasing a reliable second hand boat.
I have since sold that boat and moved on to something bigger. I am still in contact with Matt and appreciate his advice (at not charge) on all things boating even when he may not have the model you are looking for at that time.
If you are looking for a second hand boat start with JCM first and then go somewhere else if you can't find what you are looking for and experience the difference...money is you will most probably just wait till they have the boat you are looking for in the yard.
Thanks again Matt and Team JCM.
Darren Kelso
I would like to thank JCM for the great service I have had with them. They worked hard for me selling my boat everything was easy from start to finish. Thanks Matthew and your team I will always be one of your customers when comes time for service and will highly recommend your business to anyone I know wanting to buy a boat.

Safe Boating Darren.
Lou & Clint Bosel
The Baysport is great, we certainly made the best decision coming into John Crawford Marine that day.

To you, Eric & the rest of your fantastic team Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Dealing with John Crawford Marine was nothing short of excellence.

From your fantastic customer service, professionalism & knowledge on everything boats we both knew from the get go that we were definitely in the best place to buy our boat & have peace of mind.

Clint & i have been out a few times in her & the weather has been beautiful also.

(Your Workshop manager) Eric, was a real hoot & a walking boat bible with his knowledge of EVERYTHING boats.I secretly believe he is "John Crawford" & just goes by the alias of Eric lol?

But in all seriousness the man is a total asset to your company.
He surely helped seal the deal in our minds of confidence in what we were purchasing.

Once again thanks for everything.

Lou & Clint
L Bezuidenhout
Hi Rob,
I would just like to thank you for your efficient and friendly service with the purchase of our Haines Hunter 535 ProFish. Given the distance over which we made the purchase, you made the process simple and enjoyable.

We appreciate the extra time and effort you put in with coming in early to hand over the boat, and would be more than happy to recommend your team to anyone wishing to purchase a boat.

Thanks and kind regards,
Col Elsden
I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of the crew at JCM. All we had to do was get the boat to their yard (although Matthew did offer to come and collect it). Matthew, Robert and Rebecca are so easy to work with and very efficient in their roles. The boat sold quickly, they kept me updated regularly on progress and then took care of all the paperwork. If you are looking for a good quality boat, with minimum fuss, then I recommend that you visit John Crawford Marine.
Caitlin Mann
"We recently purchased a used boat JCM. We are located 600km away but Robert and Matthew made it all possible with their constant and clear communication. Made us feel at ease and the process of buying a breeze"
Matt Nagle
"Picked up my new boat today and I can't speak highly enough about the professional team at JCM. Thanks to Rob and the JCM team for such an enjoyable experience!!!"
Grant Ellis
"A professional company with very professional staff who were willing to discuss openly details around buying and or selling of marine craft. Well done Matthew and Robert."
Katrina Saunders
"We brought our first boat and could not be anymore happier with the service we received. From the time we walked in and spoke to Josh then Beck to do all our finance and then Chris to do the handover and run down on how to look after it all, happened within a week of us looking. An amazing team you have here and would definitely be back and recommending to everyone."
Adele Snyman
"Wonderful experience and awesome service from all the staff. Thank you Josh and Rebecca for your assistance. We are very happy with our purchase!"
Norbert Von Ruetzen
"Matthew and Rebecca are professional and excellent with the selling of my trailer sailer boat. I would recommend this team to boating enthusiasts as they kept me in the loop and a no fuss sale!"
Made the experience very welcoming and prompt in answering all the questions we had. Both Beck and Josh were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Will definetely recommend to others.
Phil Clipperton
"Fantastic professional service - honest & efficient. Will definitely be recommending JMC to others, thanks to Matt and your team."
Jan Stace
"Just want to say many thanks to Josh and the team for your awesome service. I will be recommending you to anyone we meet who would like to purchase a boat. "
Sim Bo
"Stoked guys, absolute pleasure to deal with Matt,Geoff and Rebecca,they were polite, helpful. Did everything in a timely manner. Even a follow up call to see how i was traveling on my 7.5 hr return journey towing my new boat.
Great service ..Cheers!"
Nat Harrold
"Just wanted to say thanks again JCM. The family loves the boat, especially the boys. Catching loads of fish too!"
Bob Macdonald
"My Wife and I could not have received better service during our selling experience with Matt, Robert and Rebecca. They work as a well oiled team, deserve every accolade given. Thank You all at John Crawford Marine."
Emma Wesner-Smith
"My family bought a 4.6m Quintrex from JCM with a 60hp 4 stroke Yamaha on it. Great boat and great service from the team, considering it was shipped to far North Queensland. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."
Rohan Paterson
"Great service from a friendly and knowledgeable group of people. Go the extra mile in identifying and fixing any problems before handover. Have been great with routine maintenance work as well, with fair pricing and thorough work."
Shane Constable
"Easy to deal with and the delivery service is amazing. Got everything I wanted with no fuss and all with prompt service!"
Dean Robertson
"I could not rate these guys highly enough! I loved my buying experience and know that they're boaties who want their customers to love the lifestyle as much as they do."
Stephen Longeran
"Just sold my boat for cash to John Crawford Marine. Dealt with Robert. Very helpful and trouble free! Thanks guys!"
Ben Davidson
"I have sold a boat to JCM and also purchased a boat from here. Great service and a treat to deal with on all fronts. Highly recommend to everyone considering purchasing or selling a boat."
Mark Barnes
"If your thinking of buying your next boat or even your first one, John Crawford marine are your first Stop! I have taken charge of a Webter Twinfisher 5.20 and the JCM Crew have been more than happy to help out for everything you could need in a good boat. I am so pleased with what i have. I cannot speak any more highly of the quality and service of the sales staff, reception, in-house finance service and workshop."
Dion Adam
Couldn't ask for better service period!
Special mention to Matt for organising a new trailer for great price and such short notice and thanks to Eric & the lads for fitting etc!
Very friendly and helpful team all round!
Cheers everyone at JCM!
Angela Kendall
Matt and Chris from John Crawford have been amazing! From the first time we popped in late one Saturday afternoon to the time we picked up our boat the whole team have been nothing short of helpful. They really care about what you're after in a boat and take the time to go through things with you. There was no sales jargon and no pressure to buy anything; unlike some other boat business's around. The sale went smoothly and I feel like if anything was to go amiss they would be there to help sort out the issue. Thanks.
Chris Jones
Highly professional and friendly team. Made the process of selling my boat a breeze and Matt kept me in the loop regarding the sale. If you're selling a boat or looking for a second hand boat, then JCM are your first port of call. There's a reason why they have been around for so long.
Simon Watson
Matt, Robert and Rebecca were excellent with the selling of my boat, I would highly recommend this team to anyone, they kept me updated and no fuss, cheers guys
M. Simon
"I had the good sense to approach John Crawford Marine and have them market my boat, the interview with Matthew Hodson was very encouraging and the paper work was very thorough, his manner was positive and optimistic.

He assured me that boat would be sold within a short space of time, which it was.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who would like to buy or sell a trailerable craft, big or small."
Ray and Rosana Smith
"Hi Matthew,

Just a short note to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service we received from your company on the purchase of our Stacer 549 Easyrider.

Your staff were so obliging, not only on the sale of the boat, but in the subsequent sea trial and Chris was a wealth of knowledge and was happy to share his experience with us.

Robert was a great help in getting the boat to our house and we would have no hesitation in recommending John Crawford Marine to our friends and family."
D. Brinn
"Hi Mathew,

Just a word of thanks for your assistance on my boat purchase from you and your team.

I am located in Cairns and made the decision to purchase over the net and by phone from you due to your years in the boat business . Your professional team and yourself made the process seamless and all the question answered with relevant Photos .

I would do this again in a heartbeat as risk free and great delivery process. I am more than happy with the boat as more than meets my expectations.

If others wish advise re long distance purchasing from you I am more than happy to be a reference thanks again great work."