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Folder Trailer Sailer Library

Welcome to our Trailer Sailer library. This section of our webpage is devoted to the digital storage of past marketing brochures, boat tests, reviews and general information on Trailer Sailers that we have collected over 4 decades.

My name is Matthew Hodson, the third proud owner of John Crawford Marine. With the help and assistance of current and previous staff, past and present owners of Trailer Sailers and industry members, I have tried to bring a little history to this part of the industry that was once a booming and integral part of the marine industry – Trailer Yachts or better known as Trailer Sailers.

From the onset I thought that scanning and collating some documents and looking back at John Crawford Marine’s history would be a fairly simple and straight forward exercise...but for those who know me, I always under estimate things.

It has taken a lot of work to put this together but on behalf of the staff at JCM we hope that you find the pages of information helpful in increasing your knowledge of Trailer Sailers.


Folder B63 (revised Boomerang 20)

Note: while the press occasionally called this design a "Boomerang B63", it was actually sold as a B63. Whilst the hull was the same as the original Boomerang, everything else was different -  so much so that it caused much heated discussion and an eventual split in the Boomerang Association.

Folder Catalina 22

The Catalina 22 is an upgraded Boomeroo 22.