“Always Buying, Consigning and Selling Queensland’s Best Used Boats Since 1964”

Selling a boat isn’t as simple as selling a car. As a prospective buyer can’t just “jump in” go for a drive around the block, look in the glove box and see the service records nor easily find its real value. Comparisons can be problematic in the used boat sector due to so many variables that influence the price. 

Boat Pricing – in simple terms – the easier it is to dispose of and sell the boat, the lower the amount you receive. 

There are certain battles in our lives that rage for generations and never come to a conclusion. Beef or chicken? Petrol or diesel? AFL or NRL? Star Wars or Star Trek? Worms or prawns for bait? The list of things we can pit against each other is almost endless and the two rivalries we hear come up time and time again at the John Crawford Marine office is one of the big ones. Aluminium or fibreglass boats – which one is better. 

Towing Oversize Boats in Queensland comes with a revised permit and rule book.

John Crawford Marine advises fellow trailer boat owners of over width boats that the rules were changed in July 2012. The legal width limit for any vehicle using Queensland roads is 2.50 metres. In Queensland, the Department of Transport and Main Roads provides limited access for vehicles that exceed regulation dimensions when carrying indivisible items. An indivisible item is one that cannot be divided without extreme effort, expense or risk of damage to it.