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Written by National Retailers Association   
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 15:33

John Crawford Marine (JCM) owners, Matthew and Anita Hodson are active members of the boating and marine community and innately understand the impacts they have on the environment and all of its terrestrial & aquatic inhabitants. The JCM team consists of individuals with a shared love of the water – inland creeks and rivers, and the wide-open oceans. They acknowledge the existence of the day-to-day micro-environment in which they operate – presenting, selling and maintaining recreational boats.


Protecting the waterways is paramount to the Company’s ethos of “respectful use”. This also transfers into the way on-land operations are carried out. As a family owned and operated business, integrating a process of respect and care for the environment is something that is achieved with a top-down management approach. Taking action to show everyone on the team, that environmental responsibility is vital for the ongoing enjoyment of what we have today.


The current owners, Matthew and Anita Hodson purchased John Crawford Marine in 2004. After watching the steady increase in operational costs continually challenging profit margins they decided to tackle the challenge head-on. Matthew and Anita decided to investigate opportunities that started with significantly reducing their electricity costs. The rest followed from there.


The first step was changing the type of power sourced, moving from mains power to self-generation. A 5-kilowatt solar power generation system was installed on the roof of the administrative building costing approximately $15,000 to purchase and install. Electricity bills decreased significantly –from $1,000 per month down to only $300 - achieving a 75% reduction in electricity costs helped to pay the system off within 3 years.

The JCM team calculated how much electricity is consumed in a general 24-hour period. They then went on to calculate the capacity of the solar generation system. The outcome of the calculation was a shortfall, so the team started to identify what uses electricity and how it can be reduced.

Improvement actions include:

1. Installing a manual timer on half of the external floodlights used to night-light the yard. These lights are on timer to turn on at 6:00pm and off at 9:30pm daily.

2. Installing daylight sensors on the alternate half of the external floodlights will turn yard lighting on at dusk and off at dawn - providing artificial lighting for security and safety requirements.

3. Investigations are continuing to source a suitable LED replacement bulbs for external floodlights. Currently 6 x 1000W bulbs could be replaced using a 100W LED substitute, though the cost to purchase the LED bulb remains cost prohibitive – at this stage. As LED continues to decrease in price, a time will come when the purchase decision is justified.
4. Workshop lighting requirements were assessed and investigations found that 1 x 60W LED light source provided sufficient light enable the replacement of 2 x 500W Halogen lights. One of the existing fixtures was moved to a better position, providing more direct light to the area where light was required, rather than supplying light into areas where light was not required.

5. Passive heating and cooling techniques are now used in the administrative office building. Air-conditioning systems are no longer turned on at the start of the day; staff arrive in the morning and open the doors and windows to allow natural breezes and provide fresh-air ventilation. Window coverings are opened or closed depending on the season and if the space needs to be heated or cooled. The office now uses only 15kW of electricity each day.


On average there are 60 boats on the yard, each with 2 x batteries, which is a total of 120 batteries at any one time. Charging these batteries is difficult and can pose a safety risk when the need arises to have them charged. Multiple boats moved around the yard, into the workshop, can be risky with customers on the lot. The workshop area becomes congested and hard to move around.

The solution...

Use a mobile solar panel. Attach the solar panel to a battery in a boat. Charge it using the sun’s power without the need to move the boat. It also becomes a beacon for sustainability, seen by drive-by traffic and customers to the yard.

The micro-environment

The JCM team has grown to acknowledge that whilst the road to sustainability starts with one step, it can be a long and windy journey. Following the changes implemented in the office and lighting system, waste and recycling was the next area of focus.

Like a lot of other businesses, JCM used to have one large commercial waste bin onsite that was emptied on a regular cycle. After completing a thorough assessment of waste streams onsite, the following recyclables where identified for recycling:

• Scrap steel

• Batteries

• Flares and EPIRBs

• Oil

• Tyres

• Office paper and cardboard

Recyclers were identified and one chosen to provide a recycling service for each of the listed products. Management of the waste and recycling process has now become so easy, it virtually looks after itself.


During the drought years in Brisbane, JCM underwent a process to develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) for water use onsite. As a retailer of product that resides outdoors, it is important for product to be kept as clean as possible, therefore using a significant amount of water in the daily washing of the boats.

The WEMP was an opportunity for management and employees to better understand workflow processes and identify areas for improvement or change. Simple things like adding a trigger gun onto the hose automatically turned the water off when it wasn’t needed.

A rainwater tank was also installed to capture water run-off from the roofs of the workshop and office, and plumbed back into toilets and the wash bay, reducing the need for potable town water down to zero. Another unexpected benefit of switching to rain water washing is that boats washed in rainwater do not need chamois – reducing labour time by 20 to 25 minutes per boat wash.


1. Understanding that costs will continue rise. Therefore it is imperative to minimise the cost impact on the business by reducing energy consumption and minimise waste. This is achieved by establishing a culture of nurturing - energy efficiency and recycling program are adopted in daily work routines.

2. Allow staff and management to feel they are working in an environment that is proactively reducing its energy consumption and wastage; and not to feel a sense guilt if we weren’t to do something.


1. JCM is acknowledged as a conscious of user of energy.

2. Adopting sustainability practices could not take place without collaboration and partnership.

3. Financial benefits achieved - continue to grow in value.

4. JCM’s reputation is maintained for being on the forefront of marine retail dealerships.

“ is imperative to minimise the cost impact on the business by reducing energy consumption and minimise waste”

Anita and I would like to thank the National Retailers Association (NRA) and the Australian Government - Department of Industry for their efforts in compiling this study and recognising John Crawford Marine's efforts in energy sustainability and management.



Merry Christmas from the John Crawford Marine team PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matthew Hodson   
Friday, 19 December 2014 14:28

On behalf of the team and I, we thank you for another wonderful year of support. It has been a pleasure during this special year as we celebrated our Golden Anniversary:  50 years since John Crawford himself started this business.

Throughout these years and more so than ever, our team cherish our jobs and what we offer to the boating community – pride and professionalism in what we do. Your comments, favourable feedback and kinship is very much valued.

2015 looks to continue to offer again, low interest rates and lowering of commodity prices, in turn should mean lower cost of Australian made products both of these situations we hope will translate to more new boat sales, in turn more quality used boats for the JCM to choose from!
On behalf of the team we wish you a fabulous Chrissie period and hope you get the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy all the spoils that this wonderful recreational activity has to offer.
Merry Christmas!
Matthew Hodson

Managing Director 

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Written by Matthew Hodson   
Friday, 15 August 2014 10:05

Celebrating our 50th year in business, John Crawford Marine is very excited to once again to be part of the 2014 Brisbane Boat Show.  You can find us at the top of the escalator in the Upper RIC Building at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds all 4 days.  We'd love to see you!
You know how fast time seems to fly when you are out on the water, well it seems like the past 50 years at John Crawford Marine have gone past equally as quickly.   In this day and age, it's mind boggling to consider that John Crawford Marine has been buying, consigning and selling Queensland’s best used boats for half a century.    Over this time, we’ve met and helped some of the State’s most colourful characters get out on to the water and taken pride in ensuring that each and every boat that goes through our yard meets the highest quality standards.

Over the weekend, we’ve got a great selection of quality used trailer boats on "virtual" display at our stand !
If you are in the market to buy a boat, you can be rest assured of our 50-year reputation for quality.

All stock has been professionally assessed and the motors are mechanically tested and accompanied with comprehensive written reports. Further we warrant all engines and ensure all trailers are sold compliant and roadworthy. Further confidence is provided by the tem at JCM as we guarantee title on all products we sell and offer on-water demonstrations upon handover.

If you are selling a boat ask about our established and professional consignment service or trade your boat in? Save the hassle of a private sale and talk with the team about how we can help you make a difficult process simple and hassle free. Remember to bring a photo of your late model trailer boat for a free valuation.
And if we don’t get to see you in person at our stand, then please drop by our website and sign up to our weekly E-newsletter with our latest listings or join our Facebook page to keep up to date.
John Crawford Marine – “Always Buying, Consigning and Selling Queensland’s Best Used Boats Since 1964” 1029 Manly Road Tingalpa, Brisbane Ph. 3890 2322 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Written by Blueprint Media   
Monday, 04 August 2014 10:31


What’s your existing trailer boat worth and is it likely to be one that people are looking to buy?

That’s an answer you can find at this year’s Brisbane Boat Show as the event’s organisers, Marine Queensland, team up with leading independent boat brokers to prove a free valuation service.

None of those providing the indicative values sell new boats and that makes the service fully transparent, with no hidden strings or agendas.

“People might want the indicative value of their boat so they know how much they can potentially spend at the show on a new one; or they may want to know for insurance purposes, or maybe just out curiosity – whatever the reason, we’ll be happy to assist,” said Mr Matthew Hodson, President of Marine Queensland who also will be providing valuation advice under the John Crawford Marine banner at the show.

“John Crawford Marine has been a key part of the Queensland marine scene for 50 years and it is that half century of experience, particularly in boat brokerage,” that we are looking to join with others in providing at this year’s show,” Mr Hodson said.

“We also will be giving people advice about their legal obligations and the required paperwork when selling a boat privately as well as how to go about undertaking ownership and loan searches, options for marketing and selling their vessels, as well as things they can do to make their boat more attractive to potential purchasers,” Mr Hodson said.

“And we’ll be explaining some of the on-line rorts currently doing the rounds. They include ones where ‘fake’ purchasers seek to scam transport costs out of sellers by asking for the transport costs to be loaded on to the price of the boat, but offsetting that with a cash deposit into the rogue purchaser’s bank account.”

“Unlike cars, there are virtually no two boats identical – you have the option of different brands of engine on the same model, different engine capacities and horsepower, differences between two stroke and four stroke engines, and that’s even before you get into electronics which can be worth a few hundred dollars on one boat, but worth thousands on another supposedly identical model.”

“Then they are factors such as a live bait tank is fitted, whether or not power steering is fitted and a myriad of other considerations such as levels of equipment including bilge pumps, entertainment systems and different options for weather protection.”

“Our role is to reduce that confusing maze of variations down to an indicative bottom line answer – a price or price range for the boat’s owner,” Mr Hodson said.

“Having sold thousands of vessels to all parts of the country from our base in Brisbane, we have an extensive knowledge of those variations, particularly in leading brand names where John Crawford Marine is regarded as a specialist.”

“Like a house or a car, you really have to see the boat before making a final determination, but a free indicative pricing range will be of benefit for many people.”

The Brisbane Boat Show runs from Friday, September 12 to Monday, September 15 at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills.

Adult entry to the Brisbane Boat Show is $18, concession is $12, there are discounted prices for ‘after dark’ admittance on the Friday and Saturday, children under 15 are free; an adult two-day pass is $25 and tickets are available through web site.


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Written by Matthew Hodson   
Monday, 14 July 2014 21:21

Click for Australian Recall Notice

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